Frank Warren Not Impressed With Cardiff Show, Calls Joshua Vulnerable And Says Tyson Is The Real Number One

It’s no exaggeration that the current British boxing landscape is a battlefield between two protomers – the younger Eddie Hearn and the veteran name of the game, Frank Warren.

Last weekend it was all about Hearn and his number one guy, World heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua.

The Principality Stadium in Cardiff was packed with boxing fans from all across the UK and many travelled from abroad as well.

Matchroom made a statement while everybody was watching and among those who watched was Warren. The longtime promoter has seen his fair share of big shows, smaller shows, and legendary unforgettable events.

So what did the experienced Warren think of the biggest indoor boxing event ever held?

He wasn’t impressed and thought that Joseph Parker did better than Joshua in his fight against Carlos Takam.

“What did I think of the show? Well, qualitywise, I thought the undercard was very average. I don’t think it was great. I thought Takam fought much better than I anticipated. I based it on the facts of having seen the fight against Joseph Parker, who I thought handled him better,” commented Warren.

Joshua took a fair amount of big shots from Takam and could not finish him in the way many were expecting. The hype around Joshua got very big and some fans have already been eager to compare ‘AJ’ to the legends of the sport.

Warren acknowledges the show and the talent that comes with Anthony Joshua. But in no way is he ready to accept Joshua in the same sentence as Evander Holyfield or Muhammad Ali and without a doubt, neither is Joshua himself.

“Anthony Joshua for me is a very good heavyweight. I’ve always admired him. He’s a big puncher, he’s got plenty of heart, but he gets hit. He gets caught. So there is a chink there in that armour and he’s got a long way to go. Comparing Takam to Evander Holyfield is…

“Comparing Takam to Evander Holyfield is ridiculous. Had Holyfield been there and catching Anthony Joshua it would have been lights out. You can’t compare Anthony to Muhammad Ali as some people have in some quarters. Muhammad Ali got a great chin and we are talking about Muhammad Ali. I’m quite sure it must embarrass Anthony when people make those comparisons,” stated Warren

The fact, just like Warren pointed out, is that due to his exciting style Joshua does get clipped at times.

“There are times when he looks vulnerable. He’s won the fight don’t get me wrong but he can be caught. Klitschko had him out. Klitschko being a safety first fighter, let him off the hook. Somebody who is a good finisher, who knows what would have happened. He [Joshua] is exciting from that point of view and he will be a part of exciting fights,” Warren continued.

Warren then proceeded to talk about the one man who he personally thinks is the true number one heavyweight in boxing and what he needs to do get back into the ring and eventually fight Joshua in what could be the biggest UK heavyweight boxing fight ever.

Warren indicated that Fury’s situation with his license and UKAD could be solved in January. Then get a couple of tune-ups and start working on getting a fight against Joshua.

“But the man out there, the number one heavyweight, as soon as he gets his license back, is Tyson Fury. He has to get his license back and that will depend on what happens in January. He will get his license back eventually and more importantly, he’s got to get himself fit and well. And then we’ll see where it all goes.

I think Tyson needs to get a couple of fights under his belt. Get the ring rust out and be ready to go,” told Warren


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