Fury-Joshua: The trainers’ perspective

Despite mandatories, contractual obligations and a worldwide pandemic delaying a potential undisputed world heavyweight title fight between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua, the prospect of an all-British showdown for all of the belts remains fascinating.

Fury has asserted himself as both the bookmakers’ and fans’ pick to become undisputed champion after he illustrated his versatility by walking down and beating up then-WBC champion Deontay Wilder in Las Vegas.

Could, and would, ‘The Gypsy King’ approach a clash with Joshua in a similarly aggressive manner, however?

Tyson Fury (right) displayed his versatility by bullying
Deontay Wilder (left) in their rematch.

WBC champ Fury’s coach and cousin Andy Lee told Matchroom’s ‘From The Corner’: “The approach would be somewhat similar [to the Wilder rematch] if he was to fight Joshua. Maybe he’d be a little bit more careful. Joshua is a much better fighter than Wilder all-round, and he’s much physically stronger, bigger and more athletic. But I’m not sure how he would handle Tyson going at him in that way.”

Fury’s former trainer Ben Davison added that a bout with IBF, WBO and WBA Super champion Joshua has an added sense of intrigue following the Brit’s dominant display against Andy Ruiz in their rematch in Saudi Arabia, and predicted that the early rounds of an undisputed battle could unfold in a cagey, tactical manner.

“I think it’s become a lot more of an interesting fight,” said Davison. “I always came across as critical of Anthony Joshua, but I wasn’t. I just knew that his style and limitations are very suited to Tyson. You have to give credit though, he’s shown versatility now. That’s always been a strong point of Tyson. He’s so versatile. 

“I think it’s now a fight where the first round will be very interesting. Both guys may try to seize the initiative, go on the front foot and then adjust. There’ll be a lot of adjustments in the first few rounds, to feel each other out. I just feel that Tyson is more versatile and mentally super strong. People underestimate his strength. If you try and get in there and wrestle with him, he’s very strong.”