The rematch between Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko has looked like a done deal for a while now. Hearn has commented on the fact multiple times hinting that is most likely going to happen. Though Klitschko himself hasn’t given his official answer. However, he has stated that a formal announcement is on its way. 

Somehow Tyson Fury still has a place in this especially since Joshua keeps mentioning his name. When being asked about future opponents, Joshua knows he must face Fury.

“In the UK, Tyson Fury. It’s big, it’s interesting, it makes a lot of sense. I listen to what people want and I listen to what fighters want. Tyson is making a lot of noise, making it clear he would like to fight me. I’ve been patient after he beat Klitschko hopefully I would have been in line to fight Fury, but he had his own issues so I stayed on my own path,” commented Joshua according to the Daily Mail.

Although Joshua might be trying cause a bit of a mix up here. He says ‘In the UK’ it’s Fury. But obviously the next challenge is Klitschko without a doubt and with all the talk about Nigeria and other places, the rematch might not happen on UK soil after all.

“In the first fight, there wasn’t much trash talking, the press conferences were big, the preparations were big, and the fight lived up to expectations. If we could do another fight like that, minus the sixth round (when Klitschko knocked Joshua to the canvas), I would love that and it would be entertaining for everybody,” said Joshua.

But after Klitschko, it’s looking more and more like Fury’s up next.

“Now I’m in a position where I can say, Tyson, when you are back and ready, it is a fight people want to see, so let’s try and make something work and live up to what people want to see,” told Joshua.

Fury of course still has a couple of issues to deal with the U.K Anti-Doping Agency and The British Boxing Board of Control. Worst case scenario is that we might have to wait for at least another year for Joshua-Fury.


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