Guillermo Rigondeaux Hospitalised After Domestic Accident

Guillermo Rigondeaux has suffered injuries to his face and both eyes after a pressure cooker exploded in his face in his Miami home.

The 41-year-old had only just returned to the USA after his points defeat in Dubai on February 26, but is now in hospital with significantly impaired vision following the accident, reports the El Nuevo Herald.

“It really is an unfortunate thing,” Rigondeaux’s manager Alex Bornote said. “When the pot exploded and we saw how Rigondeaux was left, we thought the worst, because his face and eyes looked very bad as a result of the impact of the explosion. But we hope that he will recover.

“In any case, this is a serious blow for Rigondeaux, because we were already working on a next fight. The important thing now is that he recovers his vision completely and later we will make a determination about his future.”