Hatton Says Fury Shouldn’t Go Toe-To-Toe With Whyte

Ricky Hatton has urged Tyson Fury not to get drawn into a war against Dillian Whyte when they fight at Wembley Stadium on April 23.

Hatton, a former two-weight world champion, was in the corner for the Brit during the first fight against Deontay Wilder before the Fury left trainer Ben Davison for Sugar Hill. Since then, ‘The Gypsy King’ has won his last two fights, both against Wilder, and used much more aggressive tactics on
each occasion.

“I think it’s a great clash of styles. It’ll be interesting to see what style Tyson uses in this fight,” Hatton told BT Sport.

“I think Tyson might have to go back to the old Tyson for fighting Dillian. As far as speed, ability and movement goes Tyson is head and shoulders above Dillian. The more Tyson stands there and trades like he’s done in his last two fights I think the more chance he offers Dillian. Dillian will hit you and
lay you out. I think if Dillian hits Tyson full first, I’m just wondering how often can my mate keep getting up off his arse from these heavy knockdowns.”

Fury told Carl Frampton in a recent interview with BT Sport that he intends to ‘Land big, heavy artillery from round one’ next month. The WBC heavyweight champion believes that Whyte, his mandatory challenger, is tailor-made for him. Hatton says Fury needs to be sensible and believes he
will treat Whyte with respect.

“He’s got to be a little bit more sensible in this next fight and choose his moments especially early.

Pick him off early, but box him,” said Hatton. “Take the sting out of him first and then put his foot down the home straight. I think he’s going to be
a little bit more cautious and show the Dillian the respect he deserves because Dillian can hit.

“I just think he gives up all his advantages if he goes toe-to-toe with Dillian. That’s what Dillian likes.

Dillian likes a toe-to-toe. Dillian likes a slugfest. No disrespect to Dillian but Tyson’s got so many more attributes. He’s got that height, reach, he can go southpaw, he can go orthodox, he can stand there have it out, he can box and move, he can use his defence and sit on the ropes.

For me Tyson would be a fool to give all them attributes up and just go to war because that’s what Dillian likes.”