Eddie Hearn Explains The Reason Why McGregor-Mayweather Is Happening


Promoter Eddie Hearn knows it’s always a target make as much money as possible with each big fight. That’s exactly what’s happening with Floyd Mayweather Jr versus Conor McGregor.


He says that there is a reason why this is being fought under boxing rules and in a boxing ring. It’s simply because, in MMA, this kind of money is not realistic. Think boxing is dead? Think again says Hearn.

“The thing I do find interesting about this whole event, though, is that recently a lot of people have said boxing is dead and MMA is the future. But here you have the biggest name in MMA resorting to boxing, for not just his biggest payday, but a payday that he could never achieve through his own sport. I think that is good for boxing,” Told Hearn according to

Even though Hearn respects both fighters tremendously, he isn’t expecting McGregor to land anything on Mayweather once the bell rings.

“Well, with my promoter’s hat on it I can tell you it is a huge event, it will create a huge revenue and it is going to break box office records. I am a huge Conor McGregor fan, I think he is a legend of MMA and I think he is one of the world’s greatest self-promoters. His story is inspirational, he has come from absolutely nothing and worked his way to the top, and talked his way into this position. And Floyd Mayweather is the boxing equivalent. So it will make them both an awful lot of money. But does McGregor have a chance? Absolutely not. You have to remember, he is fighting a man so good, in his last fight against Manny Pacquiao, he hardly took a punch. If Mayweather wants, he could evade McGregor all night long. So what’s Conor going to do if he can’t hit him? He can’t hold him and put him in a choke hold,” he said.

The money has always been bigger and better in boxing. It’s no wonder McGregor is went after the biggest money fight there. Win, lose or draw – The Irishman will leave the ring as a winner anyway.