Hearn: Fight Camp will return with fans

Most would agree that Eddie Hearn’s Fight Camp concept has proved a success with several excellent fights and a number of intriguing backstories to capture the imagination.

Fight Camp has worked so well that promoter Hearn will revisit the formula next year after shelving plans to add two more events in September. 

The 2020 series ends this Saturday when Dillian Whyte and Alexander Povetkin meet for the WBC Diamond Title on Sky Sports Box Office, but next year the plan is to introduce fans to the event.

“We got the opportunity to do it for another month and do two more shows, but I feel it’s just been such an amazing experience, it’s time to end it next week,” Hearn told The Mirror.

“Fight Camp will be continuing, 100%, but I feel in that four-week period, with what we’ve done and the way I believe it will crescendo next week, that would be the perfect time to pull up the grass, have a drink on the patio and say, ‘We’re done until next year’. Don’t forget this is my childhood home, and it’s our headquarters so it’s something I’m very fond of. Every Monday I turn up, look outside and just say ‘I can’t believe this’.

“It’s been amazing and it’s been the best thing we’ve ever done. This whole brand will continue next year. You’ve been down in the bubble, just an amazing experience and so many stories. You get to find out these stories, you get to build fights, you get to create characters, create content and that’s what we want to do. That’s so important when you’re building a sport.

“It will be very different [in the future]. We’ve done it all in quarantine so all the challenges we’ve had to overcome and we’ve still really created the perfect project. When we’ve got the chance to bring crowds in, we’ve got the opportunity to build in a mansion with tasks, interaction, more diary room stuff and day to day stuff, that’s another big opportunity.”