Hollywood actor Idris Elba has apparently sided with Conor McGregor. The Londoner was a guest on ESPN’s popular First Take programme and went into detail on why he thinks the Irishman could win.

“I think that McGregor has a really good chance of winning that fight. I know it’s controversial,” said Elba.

He brings up the fact that McGregor might cause some confusion with his style of fighting and movement.

“I have a kickboxing background. The agility of kickboxers in MMA is very different from a boxer. Floyd is going to fight his fight but I think McGregor is going to topple that. He’s going to topple his composure. He’s going to throw some things around that Floyd’s not used to,” explained the actor.

Elba then reminds the hosts that McGregor does have knockout power in his hands and could stop Mayweather.

“Another thing about McGregor is that he can strike really quickly and out of nowhere. If Floyd does what he does normally and just hold a tight fight, I think McGregor’s going to topple that and strike him. If he gets one on his chin then it could be over,” told Elba.

Mayweather and McGregor are set to collide inside T-Mobile Arena on the 26th of this month in Las Vegas, Nevada.