Jamie Foxx Admits He Cannot Miss MayMac – “They Got Us”

Hollywood superstar actor Jamie Foxx recently visited the famous Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. During one point the conversation naturally diverted towards Mayweather-McGregor. Foxx is known for being good friends with Floyd. Obviously, the actor is very excited about the fight because of its magnitude.

“I know when people start to go like ‘is Floyd nervous?’, I say I don’t know but he’s definitely allowing this guy [McGregor] to play through. And that fight is becoming bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and bigger,” said Foxx.

People question if McGregor is actually ready to take on a stage that big when he enters the ring on August 26th. According to Foxx, a lot of Floyd’s opponents have not been ready to seize the moment.

“The one thing Floyd would always tell me is that ‘Jay Foxx the one thing they are not ready for is the lights’ and I say what do you mean and he said ‘the lights’. When the lights are that bright and you look out and you see Denzel [Washington] and others, that’s a different thing,” commented the actor.

The infamous press tour was arguably the thing that finally got everyone hooked on the fight. Foxx admits that even though it’s not a world class boxing fight, Floyd and Conor did an impressive job of building hype.

“It’s going to be interesting. They got us… they got us. I’m going to that m**********r early!” he told.