Jones expects serious business from Tyson

It is, in theory, an eight-round exhibition bout, but Roy Jones Jr. is expecting nothing less than serious business from a rejuvenated Mike Tyson when they meet in Carson, California, on September 12.

Andy Foster, head of the California State Athletic Commission, has been widely quoted as saying the bout will be nothing more than a sparring session with both fighters warned not to dish out severe punishment. Yet former undisputed heavyweight champion Tyson, 54, recently contradicted that by telling TMZ he was going for a knockout.

Four-division champion Jones, 51, is under no illusions what may happen when the first bell rings. 

“It’s a sparring session, but you have to remember, I’m the small guy here,” Jones told Yahoo Sports. “Andy Foster can’t control Mike once Mike gets in the ring. I’ve got to defend myself like I’m in a real fight. If Mike goes out there and decides to start hammering, what am I supposed to do, look at Andy?

“Hell no! I’ve got to defend myself and get back in it. I have heard what Andy Foster said, but I also know what Mike said and I can’t depend upon Andy Foster when I am in the ring with Mike. You hear me? I have to get myself ready for whatever Mike may bring. I have to be ready for war.”

With the fight broadcast on pay-per-view via new social media platform Triller, Jones believes the event will be nothing less than a roaring success.

“People are going to be sitting at home with nothing on TV and nothing to do, and they hear Mike and Roy are fighting, what do you think they’re going to do?” said Jones. “Hell yeah, they’re going to watch. You wait and see. They’ll tune in.”