Roy Jones Jr. always dreamed of a fight with Mike Tyson. 

In March 2003, the Pensacola maestro produced arguably the last great act of his magnificent career when he stepped up two weight divisions to decision John Ruiz for the WBA heavyweight crown.

Back then, Jones angled for a money-spinning fight against Tyson, but it never happened with Iron Mike’s career eventually petering out after two stoppage losses to Danny Williams and Kevin McBride before retirement in 2005. 

Now the fight has manifested itself over 17 years later, with an eight-round exhibition fight in Carson, California, scheduled for September 12 between the two fighters in their fifties. Jones says he found the opportunity too good to turn down.

“[I accepted the fight] for fun, but the risks vs reward thing, too,” Jones told The Luke Thomas Show. “When I won the heavyweight title, the only heavyweight I wanted to fight was Mike Tyson.

“So, If I got a chance 20 years later to get in the ring with Mike, of course I’m going to do it. How can I say no?”

Whereas Tyson retired in 2005 after a shocking sixth-round retirement loss to Irishman McBride, Jones campaigned to 2018 in a win-some, lose-some finale to his fine career. He claims he doesn’t intend to fight again after his bout with Tyson in September.

“No, [I won’t fight after Tyson]. If it’s a huge success, there’s a possibility, but I doubt it – one and done,” stated Jones.