Joshua Opens Up About Fury’s Comments – “Don’t Sit Well With Me”

Tyson Fury has been sending numerous messages to Anthony Joshua via social media and vice versa but it’s Fury who has been more vocal of the two. After the back and forth jabbing, Joshua is ready to fight him as soon as the time is right.

“If it’s definitely something you [Fury] want to do, let’s get it popping sooner than later,” said Joshua in an interview with IFL.TV.

Joshua says that he hasn’t actually seen any of Fury’s famous Instagram posts where he critiques Joshua’s boxing style and calls him ‘a weightlifter’. That being said, word has reached Joshua.

“I haven’t seen his Instagram posts, to be honest. It’s how you win. You have to be exciting. You have to be explosive. People want to see war. My coach told me ‘it’s about winning but it’s about how you win.’ I don’t know Fury. I don’t like some of the things he says. But who am I to comment, it’s just my opinion. Some of the things he says don’t sit well with me,” commented Joshua.

It’s rumoured that the two will eventually meet in the ring next year. Fury still has to get his license back from the British Boxing Board of Control and go in front of the U.K Anti-Agency as well.

“Once he gets over his hurdles, we’ll support his comeback. Everyone likes the bad guy – some people see him as the good guy – everyone likes a good fighter. God willing I’m still around, It will be a very entertaining fight and the build up as well,” he said.