Just when you thought things went south for Julio Cesar Chavez Junior, it’s gone from bad to worse. In an interview with ESPN his father, legendary Mexican fighter Julio Cesar Chavez Sr, said some pretty nasty things about his son on live TV. Watch the interview and read the transcript below.

Interviewer: Does Julio need boxing? Or does he need to say, this just isn’t for me?

JCC: “Honestly David, Julio has to let go of a lot of things. If he wants to stay in this “business/game”, Julio has to change everything from the base beginning to infinity. Because he cant continue this way, doing whatever he wants not giving a damn about anything…

It’s sad to say, but when a person doesn’t care about anything, does what he wants, doesn’t pay attention to critiques or criticism just doesn’t care about anything, things don’t work out.

It’s been very difficult for me to be honest. Very difficult for me to watch, to see…

for one to see his children…MY children not change, not care to understand that this is a profession that is ‘under the public scrutiny’

Trains when they want to, does whatever they want to…And

he’s an adult, he’s grown, I’m not gonna sit around here having a heart attack worrying about him every time he f##ks up…”