Kambosos And Haney Trade Verbal Shots Ahead Of Possible Showdown

Devin Haney has accused George Kambosos of ducking him as teams representing each of them try to finalise a deal for a fight between the two lightweight champions.

Following his stunning victory over Teofimo Lopez the Australian became the WBA, IBF, WBO and WBC Franchise champion while Haney is recognised as the WBC champion. Confusion and absurdity aside there is a need for the two to meet so that one man can be officially, without differing names of titles, be recognised as the undisputed king of the lightweight division.

The Australian was ringside for Haney’s last win over Joseph Diaz and cordiality was out in force between the two men who said on camera they were more than happy to face one another. While the behind-the-scenes stuff takes care of itself social media acts as the venue for the fighters to throw verbals at one another.

“Yo, George Kambosos we making this fight happen or what?” said Haney who kicked off the jawing last night.

“I’m agreeing to all your terms whether it’s the vaccine or the travel. It’s starting to look like some ducking going on!”

Enter Kambosos and his reply.

“I love how you manipulate and lie to your fans. Talk a big game but show no action! A bit like your fights. I’m patiently waiting with all my belts for the offer from your boss Mr Eddie Hearn because I got a stadium ready in Australia, but I can see the excuses already.”

A half hour later Haney piped back with, “So you want our side to put the money up in your backyard? Okay, no problem, see you soon and keep them belts safe because they’ll be leaving Australia soon.”

Interestingly, DAZN and Sports Illustrated’s Chris Mannix chimed in with a comment of his own. “Haney told Sports Illustrated that he has received one shot of a two-dose Covid regiment and intends to get the second, a requirement for fighting in Australia.”

Let’s hope the fists eventually do the talking for both Kambosos and Haney so that another division can have a legitimate undisputed champion.