Kambosos Accuses Haney of Being A ‘Rat’ And An ‘Informant’

George Kambosos & Devin Haney

George Kambosos Jr and Devin Haney met for the first time yesterday ahead of their fight this Sunday and the American was accused of being a ‘rat’ and an ‘informant’ by the Australian.

Kambosos, the WBA, IBF and WBO lightweight champion, and Haney, the WBC title holder, meet to crown an undisputed king at Marvel Stadium, Melbourne in front of a sell-out crowd of over 50,000.

There has been little love lost between the two which began on social media months ago and carried through to this first meeting.

The Australian will be making the first defence of his belts which he won so memorably against Teofimo Lopez last November. It was a result that proved to be one of the upsets of 2021 however Kambosos (20-0, 10 KOs) revealed he got inside information on the former champion from Haney before the fight in New York.

“I really don’t know how they let this guy into the country to be honest,” said Kambosos who set his verbal attack up by talking about Devin’s father and trainer Bill not being allowed into Australia.

“This guy’s an informant, this guy’s a rat. I’ll tell you why. In the Teofimo Lopez fight against a foreigner, his own countryman he was messaging me, telling me all the details. Every bit [such as] Teo having problems with his wife. This is a rat. This is an informant. Your own countryman [and] you’re going behind his back? On Sunday I’m gonna whip your arse and when you get back to Las Vegas you’ll be on the lookout for Teofimo Lopez because he’ll be looking for you too. Trust me.”

Haney (27-0, 15 KOs) did his best to talk over his opponent, but the fiery Kambosos carried on his attempts to rattle the 23-year-old.

“This guy acts like a gangster. He’s as fake as that belt.”

Prior to the unexpected insults Haney had accused Kambosos of being an actor and told him to be himself. The American’s verbal game was less spiteful and was happy to let the home favourite tee off.

The WBC champion, who has three defences under his belt, was asked why he was confident he can dethrone Kambosos.

“There’s nothing he can do in the ring that’s better than me,” he replied. “I will show it on fight night. I take nothing away from him, I think he’s a good fighter, but I just think I’m on a whole different level.”

Intensity poured out from Kambosos throughout the whole sit down. Fighting back in Australia for the first time in five years has brought the biggest homecoming possible but once again the bookmakers have him as an underdog.

“I’ve been underdog my whole career. I was never meant to be here. I kept turning up. I am the top dog, the top guy, you can have me whatever odds just like I was in the Lopez fight, and I will handle business this Sunday.”

Kambosos was then asked about his sparring preparations and if anyone had been brought into replicate Haney.

“The guy likes to run, likes to move, nothing special,” he said. “The holes are there. He’s been hurt by an old pensioner in Linares. He was hurt by a little featherweight, bantamweight in JoJo Diaz. I was there ringside; I nearly fell asleep it was that boring. Sunday, I get to step inside the ropes and
punish this guy.”

“When is this act going to stop?” Haney asked. “We can see right through you.”

“I’d rather be an actor than a rat. You little snitch,” Kambosos fired back.

The two contrasting personalities were eventually put together for a face off where Kambosos stepped up his intimidation, but Haney remained cool and never once looked like flinching or backing down.

Roll on Sunday.