As one would expect, Kell Brook will need to go through another surgery because of a broken eye socket. After getting battered by Gennady Golovkin, the same issue has risen again after losing to Errol Spence Jr.

Brook lost his IBF welterweight title after not being able to see in 11th round. His left eye was swollen and badly bruised up. Flashback’s of the Golovkin fight instantly came to everyone’s mind.

After the fight against Spence Jr, Brook had to go straight to the hospital and did not attend the post fight press conference. The doctors inserted a metal plate into Brook’s face but it seems that the former welterweight champion needs to go under the knife once more.

“They kept me in [hospital] until about 3am. I had a CT scan on my eye and the eye is broken again, same as the Golovkin one, so, maybe surgery again,” said Brook on Sunday to Sky Sports.

Naturally Brook isn’t happy about the result but says there was nothing he could do about it. He might have gone blind for life had he continued the fight.

“I’m devastated. I knew from round seven that the eye had gone and progressively as the rounds went on. I tried to get through the fight and it kept going double-vision and then coming back into line. In the later rounds 10 and 11, especially 11th round, it stuck there and that’s why I went down on one knee and I remember the surgeon saying to me after the Golovkin fight if you would have gone another round or so you could be blind so I’ve got that going through my mind as well.”