Ask any boxer, making weight is not fun. Many argue it’s the hardest part of being a professional boxer because it’a simply very unpleasant from start to finish. Defending IBF world welterweight champion Kell Brook doesn’t disagree.

‘Special K’ is preparing for his upcoming title defense against undefeated Errol Spence this weekend. Brook recently spoke with ESPN and said that after a demanding training camp – he’s ready.

“I’ve had great sparring partners, I’ve been cycling many miles around Fuerteventura and I’ve put myself through it. I’ve put myself in places I don’t really want to be. I went on a diet early on and I’ve driven myself into the ground to make sure I’m on point. I’ve signed to make welterweight and there’s no point in crying about it. You have seen the shape I’m in, I’ve done it,” said Brook

Food is always one of the toughest obstacles. According to Brook he mentally psyched himself to not think food as food but as fuel for his body. He’s come back down to welterweight after the Golovkin fight and believes he is mentally extremely strong in doing so.

“In this camp I’ve not really been thinking about food, it’s a mental thing. I’ve been looking at food on the plate as fuel, rather than thinking about the herbs and spices and how good it tastes. I’ve not been thinking that I’m hungry, I’ve been taking my mind to different places. No one thought I would come back to welterweight and fight my mandatory challenger and I’ve shocked everyone again after stepping up two divisions to fight Golovkin. It proves that I don’t duck anyone,” explained Brook.

Errol Spence is expected to give Brook a solid run for his money. The undefeated American has a lot of talent but ‘Special K’ believes experience will play a key factor in the fight.

“Experience will be key in the fight and I have more of it. I’ve been challenger and been to the champion’s back yard and won the title when I beat Porter [in California] a few years ago. I’ve been in big fights at welterweight and middleweight where people have written me off. I know what to expect where as he has got things going through his mind like the last time he came to England and lost in the Olympics. I’m in a better place than he is. We will find out all about him on May 27. I believe it will be one of my toughest fights, but he’s not been in with anyone like me. It will definitely be up there as one of my best wins.”