Kell Brook Calls Out A Future Hall Of Famer – “I Want To Fight The Best”

Earlier this year Kell Brook got beaten badly by the rising American Errol Spence Jr. However, “Special K” has not given up and he is looking for his next challenge.

After losing his IBF welterweight title to Spence Jr, the boxer from Sheffield is now targeting a scrap against future Hall Of Famer and Puerto Rican legend – Miguel Cotto.

“As you’ve seen in my last two fights, I want to fight the best,” explained Brook in an interview with Sky Sports.

Brook wants to be remembered as a fighter who never declined a challenge and Cotto would be just right according to “Special K” who issued the call-out.

“I want to be in a huge fight like the last two. It depends if [Cotto] fancies the job. We know he’s a warrior but it depends what’s in his sights and how he wants to end his career. If I was him I’d want to fight someone like me because our styles would gel and it would be a fantastic fight for the fans. That is the way I’d go and that’s the fight I’d want. But of course, I don’t speak on behalf of Miguel Cotto,” says Brook.

Brook has tasted defeat twice in his last two contests. Cotto on the other hand is on a solid 13 fight win streak.

“To have those two, tough losses on the bounce, I am not in a rush to get back to the gym, to be honest. I have put the working in over the years and have had those two losses and eye injuries so I want to make sure I am healed properly and have got the eye of the tiger again. I need to be firing on all cylinders, not half-hearted. I want to make sure I am ready to go back.”