Kid Galahad’s upcoming fight against Dennis Ceylan might be in serious jeopardy. The Danish boxer has tested positive for cocaine and it’s still unclear if he will be allowed to fight on July 15th.

“It was a mistake and a moment of weakness, I am deeply sorry. This was the first and only time in my life I have taken drugs and I promise it will be the last. From a young age and throughout my life, I have experienced first-hand the devastating effects that drugs can have on people’s lives. I lost my mother to drugs and have seen many of my friends and family follow a similar path.,” told Ceylan in an interview with 

According to, The Danish Boxing Federation have not yet penalised Ceylan because the test was done in out of competition.

Galahad and Ceylan are still officially scheduled to fight on the Chris Eubankr Jr-Arthur Abraham undercard for the vacant IBF intercontinental featherweight title. But there is a strong possibility that the IBF might still look into the matter and hand out some sort of punishment to Ceylan.