Wladimir Klitschko sure is taking his time. The boxing world is anticipating for his answer but apparently, he won’t say a thing before the venue is official.

“Wlad [Klitschko] wants a special event. He just did 90 000 at Wembley and he loved it. He wants another memory like that and of course, he wants the money but it’s more than that. It’s more about where is it, how big is it, what boundaries are we breaking, and Vegas appeals to him a lot,” explained promoter Eddie Hearn.

There is a lot of interest surrounding the rematch versus Joshua. Meaning a lot of options in terms of the actual venue. Nigeria and other places want it as well but Vegas is holding the number one spot at the moment and most likely will hold it no matter what.

“He’s [Klitschko] more than happy to go to Nigeria, Dubai, China, but I think Vegas is the frontrunner. There’s some serious interest in Nigeria from a couple of people but the logistics are a lot more difficult. The idea of taking 15 000-20 000 Brits to Vegas appeals to me,” said Hearn.

The perfect plan would be to organise the fight in the UK but according to Hearn, it’s Klitschko who eventually decides.

“In an ideal world, we’ll keep it here but if it means Klitschko not taking the fight and we have to travel – we’ll do that. He wants to see where it’s going to be, he wants to see the numbers before he makes his decision. If it’s the right event, he will take the fight,” told Hearn.