WBC says Leon Lawson is suspended indefinitely

Leon Lawson, uncle and trainer of Andre Dirrell, has been handed a serious suspension by the World Boxing Council. The now notorious Lawson attacked Jose Uzcategui last weekend after the Venezuelan knocked out Dirrell after the bell. The trainer fled the scene immediately and on top of the suspension is now also dealing with two separate assault charges.

“The WBC is suspending indefinitely Mr. Leon L.awson from participating in any WBC sanctioned fight in any form or manner. The actions which have been seen all over the world, in which Mr. Lawson attacks and punches with bare fists fighter Jose Uzcategui have created regrettable damages to our sport.
The WBC rejects any form of foul play, aggression and behavior. We will seek a meeting with Mr. Lawson to offer several forms of help to address this grave situation.”

To be fair, a suspension by the WBC is the least of Lawson’s worries. He might possibly face a sentence of 25 years in jail. A second degree assault charge could lead to ten years in jail and/or a fine of 2500 dollars.

Read the statement of charges below: