Conor McGregor’s longtime sparring partner and fellow teammate Artem Lobov is confident that the Irishman will beat Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The popular and most logical opinion is that Mayweather will do whatever he wants against McGregor but Lobov strongly disagrees.

“Just look at all the stats – Floyd hasn’t faced anyone significant for a few years now. When he fought Manny Pacquaio, it was five years after Manny’s prime, he was on the way out basically. Conor is bigger, stronger, younger, and has a longer reach,” explained Lobov.

Known as ‘The Russian Hammer’, Lobov argues that McGregor will outmuscle Mayweather in the clinch.

“If you look at Mayweather’s fights, he often likes to get into the clinch, but what is a boxer in a clinch against a wrestler, an MMA fighter? Boxers are absolute novices in the clinch,” said Lobov.

He even went as far as saying that the fight won’t go the distance and Mayweather will lose his undefeated record.

“Being honest, and I know I’m going to get a lot of hate from it, but I don’t see Mayweather making it past the sixth round,” predicted the Russian.