It is believed that Conor McGregor’s trip to the world of professional boxing is a one and done deal. In and out with a paycheck worth a 100 million dollars, back to the UFC Octagon. However, the Irishman’s sparring partner Paulie Malignaggi believes McGregor will fight again in boxing because the money is just too good.

“He’ll probably box again. I was thinking the same thing, you can make more money in boxing. We have the Ali Act that we’re protected by that, at least, it’s not going to prevent you from being screwed 100-percent, but it prevents you from being screwed the way they screw fighters in mixed martial arts,” told Malignaggi on The Jim Rome Show.

McGregor’s focus right now is obviously on the Mayweather fight but if the money is right – and it will be – he might box again under the right circumstances.

“So I think there’s a possibility that Conor may box again, realizing he can make more money this way, and realizing he can keep a bigger chunk of the percentage of the money that he brings in as opposed to having to share most of it with everybody else. I don’t think it’s a far fetched conclusion that Conor boxes again, but I think for now the focus on one fight and one person and that should be the Mayweather fight,” pondered Malignaggi

Should McGregor extend his boxing career a bit longer, the UFC will take a big blow because their number one star has switched to another sport. The Irishman is the current UFC lightweight champion. He won the title in November last year and has not defended yet.