Floyd Mayweather may have left London but he did leave a trail of interesting comments behind.

Mayweather spoke with various members of the media in London and answered all kinds of questions. Including even about the possibility of fighting Gennady Golovkin.

Floyd being Floyd, he casually suggested that a fight between him and Golovkin would be easy for him. He even went as far as implying that ‘Triple G’ has not impressed him.

“I seen Kell Brook fight Triple G and you guys was crazy about Triple G, talking – ‘Oh, Triple G was such an unbelievable fighter.’ He’s okay, I mean, straight up and down no special effects. I mean, even at the age of 40, but I’m not looking forward to fighting Triple G but…that’d be easy,” Mayweather told.

One member of the media asked Mayweather about the difficulty of fighting Golovkin. When asked if he would ‘school’ the Kazakh native, Floyd stayed true to his nature.

“Oh, of course, you know that. What’s understood ain’t really got to be talked about,” Mayweather said.

Though he did back off a bit when the subject of going up to middleweight came up.

“I can’t, I can’t, I can’t go up to middleweight, I never was a 154 pounder and like I said before, when the history books is written, you know, when you look at the records, hate it or love it, they will say Floyd Mayweather was a winner,” Mayweather told.

Besides Mayweather has other plans on the table as he is expected to fight MMA superstar Conor McGregor in a highly anticipited exhibition bout.  Mayweather said in a press conference in London this past week that he will go through the deal once he returns to Las Vegas. McGregor has already signed the deal. An announcement on Mayweather’s part is expected in the coming days or possibly next week.