It’s time to find out what some of most notable professional boxing names think of the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. Here are ten predictions from current and former fighters, trainers and boxing pundits.

Joe Calzaghe

Former World Super Middle and World Light Heavyweight Champion

I can only see one result. Obviously, Mcgregor is a fair bit bigger and Mayweather hasn’t fought for a couple of years but he’s a BOXER, you know what I mean?

I’ve seen McGregor sparring and he’s very unorthodox and physical. Some might say he’s got a puncher’s chance.

(Will he carry him?) That’s a difficult question to answer but I just can’t see Mayweather losing.

Billy Joe Saunders

WBO Middleweight Champion

I think it will be a sparring session and it will be over within 6 or 7 rounds. I do think Mayweather will carry him for a bit and then stop him.

Glenn McCrory

Former IBF Cruiserweight Champion

Obviously, I’m not a fan of it, I think it’s a crap fight. McGregor’s done nothing to deserve it and from what I’ve seen of him sparring, he doesn’t have much of a clue. My prediction is a farce. He’s a tough kid, so a beating won’t hurt him but I think that once McGregor’s getting humiliated he’ll just grab him around the neck, choke him out and say, “I won…”

I don’t think Floyd will carry him, that will just make him look bad. I think he either gets him out of there very quickly and really punishes him or, if McGregor CAN stay up for a while, as soon as he starts getting humiliated, he’ll do something to get himself disqualified.

John Conteh

Former WBC Light Heavyweight Champion

I think Mayweather wins which ever way he wants to. If it’s a (real) fight then how can McGregor win? It’s crazy, he’s not a boxer.

All he can do on this occasion is punch but you can’t just hit Floyd Mayweather.

Conor will probably try to get close, rough him up and try to do some of the things he’s allowed to do in his game.

But the referee won’t allow that and Mayweather won’t allow it. I think it goes about 5 rounds.

Steve Lillis

Veteran Fight Scribe

I think it goes as long as Mayweather wants it to. I hope he doesn’t carry him and, to be honest, I think it will be impossible to hold McGregor up for 12 rounds.

Boxing has been good to Floyd Mayweather and it would be nice if he would go out there and give us something back. Take him out in 1 or 2 rounds or, if not l, play with him for 6 or 7 until Conor gasses out and goes down from a body shot or something.

These MMA fighters are tough and can take a beating so I don’t think we’ll see a ‘swallow’ situation but Floyd needs to show McGregor up for what he is, as a BOXER.

Spencer Fearon

Sky Sports

I think for 2 rounds McGregor will try to rough up and grapple Mayweather while throwing plenty of unorthodox shots that Floyd will half read but not entirely brocade he won’t be used to some of the crazy angles from a non-boxer.

But after a couple of rounds, he will adjust and will be just like his fights with Arturo Gatti or Ricky Hatton who were both ‘bruising’ type fighters who got a beat down.

Tim Witherspoon

Former WBC and WBA Heavyweight Champion

It’s purely an entertainment situation and shouldn’t even be related boxing. McGregor couldn’t beat any of the top 15 contenders around that weight class and those guys probably feel like they are getting left out or ripped off.

I think Floyd should try to get him out of there because when the bell rings anything can happen. Watching McGregor sparring, he’s probably going to try to use elbows, forearms and stuff like that. Mayweather could get a cut or something.

I’m looking for Floyd beat him up and stop him.

Colin McMillan

Former WBO Featherweight Champion

I think Floyd will have a look at this and then stop McGregor in about 4 rounds. McGregor’s gold within his own discipline but Mayweather is one of the greatest ever.

I don’t think Floyd will carry him. I think I he stops him.

Esham Eckering

Former British, Commonwealth and European Super- Bantamweight Champion

I think Floyd’s going to take him out early. I don’t think he’ll mess around. Well, maybe I’m hoping more than thinking. but I hope he goes out and there and knocks Conor out in 3 rounds.

I think he means business.

Jimmy Tibbs

Legendary Trainer of Champions

Well, there’s only one winner. Under boxing rules, McGregor won’t be able to land one shot, I wouldn’t have thought. McGregor’s an MAA (sic) fighter or whatever it is but he hasn’t had one professional fight (under boxing rules.)

There’s a lot better fighters than him who’ve tried to beat Mayweather and come unstuck.

Well, there you have it. A unanimous 10-0 in favour of Floyd Mayweather winning against Conor McGregor.