McGregor’s coach brings up Floyd’s domestic issues – “Won’t be shaking his hand”

Conor McGregor’s head trainer John Kavanagh is taking more jabs at Floyd Mayweather. The trainer apparently has little to no respect for the multiple boxing world champion and won’t shake his hand if they eventually end up in the same ring.

“To me, Mayweather is a low life. He’s a guy I’d never want to have any contact with. Regardless of the outcome of this fight, I won’t be shaking his hand,” said Kavanagh.

Mayweather’s domestic violence issues are the reason behind Kavanagh’s displeasure towards the American. He also critiques Mayweather’s boxing gym atmosphere.

“[In April] I highlighted his history of domestic violence. That’s a fact. I have no time for any man with a track record of such behaviour. From what I’ve seen of his gym, it appears to be the type of atmosphere in which bullies thrive. The better fighter bullies his training partner. That’s not how it should work,” vented Kavanagh.

Nonetheless, the Irish trainer also revealed interesting information about the actual fight itself. According to him, it’s going to happen in September and the weigh limit will be around 145 pounds. As has been stated many times before, McGregor has already signed the deal and the world is now waiting for Floyd’s announcement.

“The fight is close to being agreed and it will be at a weight very close to 145 pounds – maybe just a couple of pounds above that. Conor will show once against that making weight, if necessary, isn’t an issue for him. Everything has been agreed from Conor’s perspective, from numbers to rule set. I don’t know what’s taking Mayweather so long to sign the contract but we’re 100 per cent ready to go. The ball is in his court now. We’re training for the fight, September has been mentioned, so we’re just waiting for the news with each passing day,” told Kavanagh.