Team McGregor Have A Plan For Mayweather – “We’re Going To Do Something A Little Bit Different”

If there’s something that’s definitely not missing from Conor McGregor’s camp and training staff – it’s confidence.

Confidence in nothing else but a solid and career-defining victory against Floyd Mayweather on August 26th in Las Vegas while the whole world is watching. It’s a big ask but Team McGregor are absolutely sure of their victory and want to send shockwaves around the globe.

In a recent interview with, McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh revealed what Conor first said when news hit stands that Mayweather and the Irishman would fight in a ring. McGregor has been sure of his victory from the get go.

“He [McGregor] just said, ‘The man has made a grave error. This is going to be Bruce Lee sh*t. This is water becoming the cup’., First of all, I read that and I went, oh, the Mayweather fight is actually on. I didn’t quite believe it until then, so that blew me away, and my brain starts racing, ‘okay, I’ve got to put certain wheels into motion.

But I don’t think it was until a couple of weeks later, or maybe days later, that I kinda read again and I realized what he was saying about the Bruce Lee water quote — that the ruleset might change and the strategy will change, but the fundamentals remain the same. This is something my own coach has told me a long, long time ago — Matt Thornton — that if you take an MMA fighter and you put him in a kickboxing match or a wrestling match, or a self-defense situation, the rules of engagement certainly change and that will affect your strategy, but the fundamentals of timing, of distance, of range, of how to hit hard, different striking techniques, they will remain the same,” said Kavanagh.

The coach promises that they’ve got something special in store for Mayweather and they will be doing something ‘a little bit different’.

“Someone told me before, the art of striking is putting yourself in a position where you can hit but can’t be hit, and that’s all [McGregor is] interested in. That’s the only thing that motivates him day to day. I’ve actually been on the end of a few [sparring sessions] for this training camp, so it’s fascinating to see him do it, and it’s what’s going to happen. Okay, the rules are the Queensbury rules of boxing, but we’re going in to do something a little bit different than what failed (against Mayweather) 49 times,” told Kavanagh.

McGregor and Mayweather will fight at the T-Mobile Arena in just four days.


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