An undefeated British welterweight who recently sparred Conor McGregor at his initial Dublin training camp has said that the Irish MMA idol is not as woefully incompetent within the context of the squared circle as most hard bitten sages on the regular boxing beat have scathingly predicted.

The South London based prospect told a friend in the fight fraternity, ‘People say that Conor couldn’t even beat the average Southern Area champion (around his weight) but that’s wrong. He WOULD beat some pros at that level but that doesn’t mean he can beat an all time great like Mayweather, obviously.

He’s very strong and unorthodox. One second he’s in front of you and the next he’s behind you, jabbing you in the back of the head. McGregor does things on the inside that I haven’t experienced before. Most fighters hold and throw a few rabbit punches in a clinch but Conor does things with elbows and forearms ad really tries to rough you up.’

McGregor has now switched his training base to Las Vegas and the UK fighter in question won’t be making the trip with him but concludes, ‘I definitely think Floyd wins but to say that McGregor wouldn’t beat any half decent pro is not true.’