McGregor Teases ‘Something Big Is Coming’ Hinting Fight With Mayweather Is On

UFC Kingpin Drops Biggest Hint Yet That Boxing Super Fight Will Happen

Conor Mcgregor, who had been usually quiet of late, has finally broken his silence to reveal that “something big is coming.”

McGregror, the UFC’s lightweight champion, has already signed his part of the multi-million dollar fight agreement. The hold up has thus far thought to have been the fault of Mayweather, who has yet to have signed his side of the contract.

Despite Mcgregor signing the contract, there remain a multitude of hurdles to be overcome before the bout can ever become a reality.

First and foremost of these hurdles is the fact that McGregor has never fought a professional boxing match and thus will struggle to be sanctioned by boxing’s regulatory governing bodies for a high profile bout against Mayweather, the man regarded as one of the greatest boxers ever.

That said, UFC president Dana White has gone from dismissing the chances of the contest happening outright to know taking a leading role in the fight negotiations.

What’s more, the UFC’s lightweight division is currently in a state of flux with few viable contenders available for McGregor to fight. This has meant that McGregor has been able to bide his time and allow intermediaries from both camps to work behind the scenes to make this fight happen.

The hype behind the proposed mega fight has been building for some time. Both fighters have both repeatedly taken to the media to bash each other.

The verbal fisticuffs have not only been limited to Conor. His coach John Kavanagh also recently went on record to slam Mayweather over his arrest for domestic abuse.

Kavanagh stated: “To me, Mayweather is a low life. He’s a guy I’d never want to have any contact with. Regardless of the outcome of this fight, I won’t be shaking his hand [because of] his history of domestic violence. That’s a fact. I have no time for any man with a track record of such behaviour.”

“From what I’ve seen of his gym, it appears to be the type of atmosphere in which bullies thrive. The better fighter bullies his training partner. That’s not how it should work.

“The fight is close to being agreed and it will be at a weight very close to 145 pounds – maybe just a couple of pounds above that.”

The fight now appears to be an inevitability. How should boxing fans welcome the news? Share your thoughts below.