Watch: McGregor’s Unorthodox Workout, Vows To Rule Boxing

This past weekend Conor McGregor held an open workout session for the media.

The Irishman somewhat stunned the audience with his unorthodox movement in the ring and certainly made headlines with his bag work as well. After the workout session, he also spoke to the media and claimed that he would rule both MMA and boxing.

(Video By IFL.TV.)

In the interviews afterward, McGregor talked about his history with boxing and how he will rule both sports with an ‘iron fist’.

“I love the sport of boxing. Boxing has been dear to my heart my whole, entire life. I will compete in boxing bouts going forward, and I will contend in mixed martial arts bouts going forward. I will rule both with an iron fist, and that’s where my mind-set is,” said McGregor according to The Sun.

Whenever there is a big combat sports fight happening in MMA or Boxing, you most likely hear the name McGregor being mentioned from now on according to the Irishman.

“I will have fun. I like it over this side. It’s good. The build-up is good, the preparation is good. I love the sport of boxing, I love the sport of mixed martial arts. I just love fighting. So wherever there’s a fight, you’ll see me.”