Michael Conlan Could Return In August, Interested In Fighting Jordan Gill

Michael Conlan is set for a return to the ring in August according to his older brother Jamie.

It has been nearly four weeks since Michael went into Nottingham to challenge Leigh Wood for the WBA featherweight title. What followed was one of the most dramatic fights of the century ending in the champion knocking the challenger out of the ring in the final round.

After a hospital visit Conlan was discharged and thankfully escaped serious injury. Now, the team’s attention is focused on the future and who they will fight next.

Jamie, a retired former world title challenger, doesn’t believe the Wood will take a second bout against his sibling.

“We’re looking at Belfast for the first week in August and we’re also exploring the options of a rematch with Wood,” Jamie told The Irish News.

“There’s been a lot of talk about it over the last few weeks so it’s just about figuring out what’s the right move going forward.

“Michael wants to set the record straight, he would love a rematch but I don’t think Leigh or his coach (Davison) want a rematch so it all has to play out over the next few weeks but we’re planning Michael’s next move with or without Leigh Wood.

“If we can’t get a rematch we would love to fight his best mate Jordan Gill, the European champion. That’s a great fight.”

Conlan fighting in August could only mean one thing for his fans, a return outdoors to Falls Park where the Olympic medalist has fought twice in the last two years on August 3rd and 6th.