Michael Conlan Zoned In, Ready For Leigh Wood On Saturday

Michael Conlan appeared to be in as good a place as he’s ever been when he spoke to Boxing Social yesterday.

The 30-year-old was at the public workout a few days out from his challenge for Leigh Wood’s WBA featherweight title on the champion’s home turf at Nottingham Arena on Saturday night.

“I’ve been in the dark working,” Conlan told Andi Purewal. The Belfast fighter was responding to being asked for his prediction for the upcoming Kiko Martinez-Josh Warrington world featherweight title fight on March 26.

Conlan was certainly zoned in during the interview and is clearly ready for the fight now.

“I’ve worked my ass off,” he said of his preparations for the biggest test of his career so far.

“It’s been easy in a sense because I haven’t had to get up for anything. The motivation is naturally there. Every session feeling tired, feeling fatigue it hasn’t felt like that. I’ve felt that in previous camps, but this camp has been perfect, went great. 

“My preparation has been unbelievable, and my confidence comes from my preparation. I’ve been saying that since the start. I was already preparing great before the press conferences. After them it’s went up an even higher level. I’m looking forward to putting on a performance on Saturday which I know I will.”

Conlan was not bothered by whether people see Saturday’s fight as a 50-50 or not. Opinions are bouncing off him, but he is in no doubt he will emerge victorious in front of his travelling Belfast support.

“Saturday night we take over. Saturday night we put on a performance and Saturday night you will hear ‘And the new’.

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