Michael ‘Venom’ Page promised a show for the viewers in attendance and that he certainly did.

The opponent Jonathan Castano was no match for the MMA star who notched his first boxing knockout win at the Indigo O2.

The confident Londoner started the fight with his hands low while using good movement. Page lunged in with a few strong rights and jabbed on the side. In the final minute, he tagged Castano with a good uppercut and kept hitting the Spaniard in the clinch.

So far so good for the MMA fighter turned professional boxer who simply toyed with his opponent in the first.

Page managed to hit Castano with a heavy uppercut in the beginning of the second round and started taunting his opponent. With his hands low, ‘Venom’ jabbed Castano to the body and head while stepping in and out with his shots.

The Bellator star was hitting Castano with good single shots but was hardly utilizing any combinations. At this point it was the ‘MVP show’.

Castano tried to fire back in the third but was missing a lot. Page then hit him with a strong straight left that dropped his opponent and the referee in charge stopped the fight.