You don’t see flash quick one punch knockouts that often but they do exist. We all saw one this past weekend, or at least we think we did, between cruiserweights Mike Perez (22-2-1) and Viktor Biscak (10-1).

The Irish-Cuban Perez landed a solid right hand in the first minute of the fight and Biscak went down immediately. The Slovakian barely got up and was visibly limping, possibly twisting his ankle during the knockdown. The referee started to count but soon stopped the fight as Biscak simply did not want to continue. The bout was over in under 30 seconds.

According to, Biscak clearly did not want to fight Perez. He was a late replacement and looked for the first opportunity to bail out from the fight.

Did he take a dive or was he legitimately in no shape to continue? You’ll be the judge and see for yourself below.