Forget the Ring, Mike Tyson Wants Mayweather-McGregor In a Cage

As we know, Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor will meet in the ring if they ever sign the contracts. Though former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson has other ideas for the fight.

‘Iron’ Mike believes a boxing fight between Mayweather and McGregor will be ‘garbage’, since McGregor would lack the skills to make it an entertaining fight. Instead Tyson insists that the two should fight in a UFC cage under MMA rules.

“If Mayweather boxes McGregor, it will total garbage. But if Floyd goes to the UFC…now that would be an interesting. I want to see an MMA fighter fight a boxer, not an MMA fighter box a boxer,” said Tyson in an interview with ESPN.

Tyson believes that McGregor would be simply outmatched in the squared circle against a skilled boxer like Mayweather.

“In a boxing ring, McGregor is outmatched by Mayweather — it won’t be fair. McGregor is colorful guy, but I’d much prefer to see where he’s at in a match with UFC rules.”

As for Tyson himself making a comeback and a nice chunk of cash on the side?

“I would never come out of retirement. Of course Don King has come up with a few proposals over the years, but I wouldn’t do it, not even for 100 million. I just don’t want to get beaten up anymore. It’s as simple as that,” declared Tyson.