Mike Tyson offered $1 million plus to face Joe Cusumano

Taking advantage of the ongoing media circus and arguably pushing it to another level, veteran promoter Jimmy Burchfield Sr has offered Mike Tyson $1,000,000 to box his fighter Joe Cusumano, plus a percentage of closed-circuit TV receipts and a $200,000 charitable donation.

At 53, Tyson recently broke the internet with his new ‘shredded’ physique and footage of the former heavyweight champ looking electric on the pads. Pads don’t punch back, of course, and the middle-aged Tyson has clearly stated he will box a bout for charity. That won’t stop more ‘serious’ offers.

“If Mike Tyson is serious about making a comeback. We’re prepared to make him a legitimate offer to fight Cusumano in a six or eight-round fight, whichever Mike chooses,” said Burchfield of Classic Entertainment and Sports (CES).

“After three months of the Covid-19 pandemic, boxing fans are hungry to watch real fights, not exhibitions. Tyson is a boxer and a damn good one at that! He’s not a bare-knuckle fighter or wrestler. A real boxing match is what we’re interested in promoting!

“Cusumano will be a true gauge for Tyson’s first fight in 15 years,” added Burchfield. “This is a fight boxing fans want to see, not an exhibition, because it will let everyone know exactly where he’s at today and whether or not he can truly challenge a Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua, or Deontay Wilder. We’re ready to negotiate in good faith right now.”

Former undisputed champion Tyson obviously has no place fighting the heavyweight division’s current elite, but his name still carries currency and the offers are likely to continue with bareknuckle boxing and old foe Evander Holyfield also throwing their hats into the ring. 

Cusumano (18-3, 16 KOs) lost to former US national golden gloves champion Steve Vukosa, 43, in his last fight in 2019.