Legendary heavyweight boxing great ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson just can’t stop praising Anthony Joshua. The 11th-round stoppage victory by Joshua has gained a massive amount of approvals from all around the boxing world, but Tyson seems to be his biggest fan.

“If he continues to be that way, the sky is the limit for him,” said Tyson in an interview with Sky Sports.

Tyson even gave a little verbal jab towards Floyd Mayweather and reminded that it is the heavyweights that gather the most attention.

“Just that one fight changed boxing, that one fight, and that’s what fighting needs. Floyd Mayweather is making a lot of money and we’ve got a lot of little guys fighting, but what they want to see is a heavyweight fight,” stated Tyson.

Tyson is not too far off with his views. Quality heavyweight boxing is known for cementing the status of the baddest man on the planet and right now Joshua is making his claim for that moniker.

“The heavyweight that knows how to fight, like Joshua, that’s what makes boxing big. The heavyweights make boxing big.”

It is rumored that the bout between Joshua and Klitschko has broken the British Sky Box pay-per-view record that was previously held by the Mayweather-Pacquiao in 2015. Though official figures have not been released yet.