The UFC heavyweight champion is after Anthony Joshua

As if there wasn’t enough challengers lining up to face Anthony Joshua – another fighter has called out ‘AJ’.

UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic has expressed a great deal of interest in fighting Joshua. Miocic paid a visit to The MMA Hour show and believes he could hang with the current multi-title heavyweight boxing champion.

“If the fight happens, me against Joshua would be a great fight. I think I’d surprise a lot of people, I think it’d be an amazing fight … let’s do it! He’s a great guy. He’s tough, he’s a champion for a reason. I think I’d give him a run for his money,” said the UFC champion.

With the way things are headed between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, it seems to have become a lucrative idea for MMA fighters to call out big name boxers. The question always is: can they actually do anything in a ring against a professional boxer? Miocic is the 2009 Cleveland Golden Gloves boxing champion and also made it to the quarterfinals whilst participating in a national competition in the U.S.

With these merits plus his extensive MMA striking background, Stiopic is confident in his skills.

“I do a lot of boxing and I’ve boxed before, working on my boxing I think I’d be fine. He’s a tough guy, he’s the best in the world. But, I’m pretty tough, too,” concluded Miocic.

The American fighter with a Croatian heritage is best known for dropping guys dead on the floor inside the Octagon. He’s currently on a five fight knockout streak and has defended his title two times.