Daniel Dubois is without a doubt one the biggest upcoming prospects in heavyweight boxing literally and figuratively.

So far he has destroyed every opponent put in front of him with a blistering knockout. They say he even dropped Anthony Joshua in sparring. There is so much hype behind this young fighter that people are already predicting a world title for Dubois in the next couple of years.

So how does this heavyweight destroyer prepare before each fight? Surprisingly enough, he has a very calm approach.

“I’ll wake up around 7 a.m. Breakfast is just a bit of porridge, nothing that will upset the stomach. I won’t train on the day of the fight but I’ll stretch, stay loose, and then I’ll meditate,” said Dubois in an interview with Business Insider.

Although make no mistake about, he does visualise him knocking out his opponent with brutal power.

“I’ll go over in my mind what I need to do. I’ve got confidence in myself. I know what I can do.”, told ‘Dynamite’.

In another interview with frankwarren.com, Dubois explained what happens when he hits people.

“When they feel the power it is the law that they have to go down!” explained Dubois.

Dubois will once again step into the ring on July 8th at the Copper Box Arena in London. His opponent is yet to be announced.