Morrell: Expect a Cuba vs Mexico war

WBA Regular super-middleweight champion David Morrell says he is in optimum shape and ready to prove his doubters wrong when he meets Mexican challenger Mario Cázares at The Armory in Minneapolis on Sunday.

Cuban southpaw Morrell, who was originally expected to face Islington contender John Ryder after being promoted from Interim to Regular title holder by the WBA, battles a confident Mexican who earned his opportunity by outhustling a faded Julio Cesar Chavez Jr last September.

“This fight is going to be a war. It’s going to be Cuba vs. Mexico. I know he’s well prepared, but I know that I’ve prepared better,” said Morrell (4-0, 3 KOs), ahead of tomorrow’s bout on Fox Sports and Fox Deportes in the US.

“I’m ready for whatever happens. If it goes the distance, then I’ll be ready to win. If it goes easier and ends inside the distance, I’m still going to win. I prepared very well for this fight. My game plan is to stay happy and to be ready for whatever. My mood is not going to change.

“There’s been a lot of talk that I may not be ready for a test like this. I’m going to prove all of those people wrong on Sunday. I’m ready for this fight and for all of the fighters at 168 pounds.”

Challenger Cázares (12-0, 5 KOs) added: “I understand the Cuban style of fighting very well. We have a lot of influence from the Cuban style [in Mexico]. So I know Morrell and I understand exactly where he’s coming from with his style.

“This opportunity didn’t happen overnight. I’ve been working towards this moment and getting ready for this fight for a long time. Sunday is going to be a war.”

Main image: Andrew Dobin/TGB Promotions.