EXCLUSIVE: Nathan McKintosh Explains Everything That Happened With Adolphe, BBBoC Investigate Bust Up After TV Fight

A boxer had told how he was attacked by his crazed opponent after their fight on Saturday night.

Nathan McIntosh has called for Louis Adolphe to be BANNED for his actions at the SSE Arena on the George Groves-Jamie Cox undercard.

ITV Box Office viewers saw Adolphe thrown out in the first round for chinning the Midlander after referee Howard Foster had called ‘break.’

Adolphe flashed a single-finger gesture at the crowd when the result was read out by the Master of Ceremonies and McIntosh said worse was to follow.

The 29 year old from Nottingham said: “After I had changed, I saw Daniel Dubois and got chatting to him. (They knew each other from the Peacock gym).

“I saw Louis’s mum and we agreed: ‘What happened. happened, it’s just boxing, there are no hard feelings.’

“I hadn’t watched it back at the time and wasn’t really sure what had happened.

“Then out of the blue Louis Adolphe barged in. He must have thought we were arguing because he got right in my face.

“One of his entourage said something, so I turned to look at him and Adolphe sucker punched me.

“He hit me when I wasn’t even looking.

“I didn’t hurt me, I just couldn’t believe his cheek and I saw red. I was going to retaliate, but I’m glad I didn’t.

“Security escorted me out.

Adolphe then had an incident with Nathan’s mother.

“But Adolphe stayed in the arena. He saw my mum and she said: ‘You’re a dirty fighter.’ He threw a drink over her and went to pull her hair before security got him out.

“He is crazy. There is something wrong with him. You can’t behave like that and be a professional sportsman.

“He needs to be banned. He is a disgrace.”

The Board have confirmed they are investigating the incident. Adolphe’s pay was withheld and Robert Smith, General Secretary of the Board, says he is waiting for eyewitness accounts before deciding what action to take.

The scheduled eight-round fight – a good step up for the unbeaten Adolphe – was shaping up well before the premature ending.

“It was going to be a good, technical fight,” said McIntosh, a skilled operator from the Carl Greaves’ stable.

“But I did notice him breathing heavily inside the opening minute. I thought to myself: ‘He’s panicking’ and then I hit him with a left hook that I thought hurt him.

“I remember the referee shouting: ‘Break’ once, maybe twice, a few seconds later. He was behind me, so I turned to reset myself and that’s the last thing I can remember.

“He hit me when I was turning round – and I’m glad he didn’t get away with it.

“If he had got away with that, it would have disheartened me, but it hasn’t knocked me back.”



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