Jay Jimenez, manager of heavyweight Luis Ortiz, says the Cuban was unable to accept the IBF’s invitation for a final eliminator against Filip Hrgovic due to injury.

Ortiz climbed off the canvas twice to stop Charles Martin in six rounds at the weekend, and according to Jimenez, sustained a fracture during the bout.

The IBF had granted Ortiz three days to accept the eliminator from Monday, with Hrgovic and his team keen to make the fight happen in the spring.

“Basically, Luis had a minimal fracture that should heal shortly, but with which he does not want to take any risk,” said Jiménez to Jorge Ebro of the El Nuevo Herald.

“He is being tested, but he cannot fight as early as April, because he would not be correct. We are not against the fight against Hrgovic, or against anyone, but let it be in the best conditions for Luis. ”