Oscar De La Hoya paid a visit to ESPN’s First Take and had some pretty strong words about Mayweather-McGregor. In fact, the former world champion believes that the fight should not even happen. Instead of McGregor, Mayweather should rematch against Canelo or fight Golovkin according to De La Hoya.

“Even Floyd, after this fight with Canelo and Golovkin, forget about ‘The Notorious One’. Forget about a fighter who has zero experience, who has zero fights, who has zero amateur experience. Forget about that. Mayweather’s better than that. Mayweather, if you want to fight or have a rematch against Canelo, or a fight against Golovkin, go after them. After Canelo and Golovkin fight, go after the winner,” said De La Hoya.

At this point it seems highly unlikely that Mayweather will fight either of the names mentioned. Even a fight against McGregor is looking like a hard deal to make. The 40-year old retired fighter still dominates headlines due to the McGregor narrative but a fight against the two best in boxing? Not a chance.

Watch the segment below.