Joseph Parker says he still remains hopeful of becoming heavyweight world champion again before his career is over.

Parker, who rematches Derek Chisora on December 18, defended his WBO heavyweight title twice before losing the belt via unanimous decision to Anthony Joshua back in 2018.

The New Zealander says he wants a conclusive victory over Chisora in their Manchester rematch before moving closer towards his dream of being two-time heavyweight world champion.

“I feel like this is the place to be you know, I have this fight with Derek in front of me and there are a lot more fights out there that can be made,” Parker said. “We have to make these sacrifices as fighters, I know a lot of fighters that make sacrifices, I’m away from my wife and family, my parents, I feel like it’s my time to make it count.

“That’s my goal, to become two-time World Champion, I’m well positioned at the moment with the rankings but with COVID its hard lock in fights so thanks to everyone for getting this made and Chisora for accepting it again. It’s good to out three times this year and you’ve just got to take the opportunities when they come.

“I feel like I’ll finish this fight within the distance, I’ve got a good feeling.”