Tyson Fury’s sudden retirement came as a surprise to the most us. He was about lose all his extra weight and make a successful return sometime later this year. But then once again out of the blue – Tyson Fury says he is at ‘The End’ of his career.

In a recent interview with TalkSport, Tyson Fury’s long time trainer and uncle Peter Fury went into detail about why Tyson made his decision at this point of his career.

“Tyson is Tyson. he has gone through some bad patches and some negativity does creep in, but I am sure he will be OK. I think when you have got a little bit of depression and stuff like that, you have to be around positive energy and positive people. He needs to sit back and realise about the people that have been there and really care about him rather than people whistling all kinds of c**p down his earhole,” said the trainer.

Fury was expected to face Anthony Joshua next year but that has now backfired. Uncle Peter believes Tyson’s achievements were not recognised maybe as much as Joshua’s.

“You need that desire there. What Tyson did was not really appreciated that much. From what he achieved over there he feels like his performance was downbeaten in some respects,” he explained.

Then again, Peter Fury thinks that no matter what, Tyson should be proud of what he achieved during his career.

“Has he achieved what he really wants to achieve and he hasn’t got that desire there anymore? Is it negativity, is it depression? Whatever it is he should be really happy with his achievements,” summarised the trainer.