Pitters: ‘Sudgen is so easy to hit’

Shakan Pitters is in bullish mood ahead of his vacant British 175lbs title fight with Chad Sugden at a production studio in Redditch on Saturday night.

Newark’s Sugden (11-1-1, 4 KOs) recently insisted that his background in MMA and kickboxing would afford him a significant edge in toughness and mentality, but Birmingham’s Pitters has scoffed at that suggestion.

“Chad says I’ve had everything my own way but that’s because I make everything my own way,” said the 6ft 6ins Pitters (13-0, 4 KOs). “Look, big talk is easy. I hope Mr. Sugden keeps it up and I look forward to providing my response in the ring on the night. Let’s see what he’s saying after he feels my power. He ain’t breaking nobody mentally. Boxing is a completely different to kickboxing. He’s so easy to hit.”

Like many fighters, Pitters has seen his best laid plans derailed by the Covid-19 Pandemic. He was originally supposed to meet Craig ‘Spider’ Richards for the vacant British crown in late March, but now faces the capable Sudgen who drew with the Londoner last December.

“I’ve recently caught up with some good rounds with Josh Buatsi and Steed Woodall. I’ve sparred cruisers and heavies plus lighter weights and all styles.  It doesn’t matter that Chad brings a different style to ‘Spider’. A true fighter can adapt to any opponent in the ring. I’m ready for every eventuality,” said Pitters.

“But fair play to Chad for stepping in. Like me, Chad’s from a fighting background, a fighting family. So we’ve similar stories. The respect’s there.  He’s been given a big opportunity to step up but I’m confident in my ability to deal with anyone in the division.

“I studied Chad’s draw with ‘Spider’. He did what he had to do but he’ll find Craig and me are completely different animals. Sure, Chad seems tough and strong but, at just six foot, he’d be a lot stronger down at super-middleweight. I’m coming down from cruiser, remember. I’m just too big and I bring too much. I believe I hold the advantage over Sugden in every single area.”

Shakan Pitters vs Chad Sugden will be broadcast live and free-to-air on Channel 5 this Saturday at 10pm in the UK.