Preview: Gervonta Davis vs. Liam Walsh

Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis (17-0, 16 KO’s) vs. Liam ‘Destiny’ Walsh (21-0, 14 KO’s)

Super featherweight

This Saturday Liam Walsh has the chance to derail some pretty significant plans orchestrated by Floyd Mayweather. The table is set for Gervonta Davis to rise up a level in the boxing world but first he has to deal with Walsh. Davis will be defending his IBF super featherweight title for the first time ever and on enemy territory nonetheless. Can he handle the pressure or will Walsh use this opportunity to cause a setback on the biggest stage of ‘Tank’s’ career?

Walsh is definitely a tough customer in the ring. The southpaw has been through some tough knockdowns but has shown tremendous resiliency. He has never tasted defeat and has a respectable 67% knockout ratio. Though some do ponder about his lack of fights. After all he is 31 and has just four fights more than his weekend foe.

With him you have to watch out for his straight right. He can drop people with it and the same goes for his right uppercut. He can be tricky to hit at times but not impossible. Walsh does some nasty work against the ropes and likes to target the body a lot. He puts his combinations together well and moves around in the ring with good IQ.

Like it was previously mentioned, the biggest obstacle for Davis is not Walsh. Instead it’s the pressure of fighting abroad for the first time and defending the title on the side. If his head is in the right place, he will demonstrate a vicious show against Walsh.

‘Tank’ has anger and determination inside him. Without a doubt he fights with a chip on his shoulder. His build is perfect for his kind of style which includes power, speed and lots of movement. His knockout ratio is a blistering 97% and he’s never been past round nine. This guy is looking to put people away. Some of his best punches are his left uppercut and the left straight. He destroys foes from close distance with very fast combinations but at times likes to show off his defensive skills as well. The young gun has good head movement and rolls well with punches. He will attack ruthlessly and likes to steamroll opponents with strong combinations. He doesn’t let opponents breath and just one or two power shots from him will change the course of a fight.

When it comes down to the basics the story here is simple. Davis absolutely has the skill-set to beat Walsh. The American is way more powerful and faster. He lands big shots with ease and showcases good movement. Walsh will definitely put up a good fight due to somewhat similar styles but Davis will end the bout with a knockout in round 9 or 10.