Frank Warren defends Kell Brook but doubts Khan-fight

Frank Warren has released a lengthy statement through regarding Kell Brook. The promoter clearly stands behind Brook’s decision to bow out against Errol Spence Jr in the 11th round due to an eye injury.

“We preach safety first in this sport and are always seeking ways to further protect the wellbeing of boxers, so we can hardly complain when someone – Kell in this instance – takes it into his own hands and saves himself from further punishment, which some say is not what they paid for. Everybody in this sport needs to be vigilant regarding injuries and, more importantly, honest with each other. Whether people think any the less of you is immaterial because a thrilling finish to a fight is one thing, a tragic ending is quite another,” wrote the promoter.

But he also believes the talked about fight against Amir Khan has lost a lot momentum due to both fighters performing poorly.

“Hopefully Kell will come again, although matching eye injuries doesn’t sound too promising at this stage and I wish him well, but I do suspect his protracted potential punch-up with Amir Khan is of diminishing public appeal. Yes it will still be of interest domestically if it doesn’t drag out for another year or so, but interest worldwide must surely be on the wain, with the pair having now suffered three bad losses between them in their recent fights,” pondered Warren.

Khan has released dates for his next three fights even though no opponents have been officially named. For British boxing fans a fight between ‘King Khan’ and ‘Special K’ could definitely draw a big crowd but the ship might have sailed in the hopes gaining a wider audience.