“I’m The New Body Snatcher!” Riakporhe Crushes Turchi In Two Rounds

Riakporhe Victory

Richard Riakporhe (15-0, 11 KOs) is making a mockery of supposed tests being placed in front of him.

The 32-year-old cruiserweight needed less than five minutes to dismiss the threat of Fabio Turchi (20-2, 14 KOs) at Wembley Arena tonight in their IBF world title eliminator.

The Italian should have caused a few problems. He should have backed Riakporhe on to the ropes and made the evening uncomfortable but instead a liver shot crippled the Tuscan 28-year-old.

Their opening round was a typical feeling out process. Riakporhe kept the jab high, in Turchi’s face but never damaging simply pestering.

Turchi looked to make little, subtle movements to close the distance and trouble the towering Brit and to his credit landed the best punch of the round with a right hook during the final 20 seconds.

Into round two and the pleasantries were over. Riakporhe had measured the distance of his jab previously and could begin to show why he is a world title contender.

The first 90 seconds saw Riakporhe use the stick again to keep Turchi at bay who in turn threw a couple of digs to the body. It was light, not menacing.

We’ll never know if that was the moment Riakporhe was done playing around because shortly after a one-two departed ‘The Midnight Train’ and landed at platform Turchi with such a force that the Italian writhed in agony on the floor.

The first shot had touched the arms but the second whipped across Turchi’s mid-section with a force that made most of us wince.

Admirably Turchi got to his feet, referee Steve Gray had a close look but, in that moment, the away corner wanted no more and came into the ring waving their towel. The fight was over and Turchi allowed himself to go back down on to the canvas to begin his recovery from the pain he was suffering.

You can watch the devastating finish below courtesy of Sky Sports Boxing on Twitter:

“I feel great. I feel like I need to do some pads because I didn’t have time to get into it,” Riakporhe told Sky Sports’ Andy Scott post-fight.

Of the knockout he said:

“We landed a good liver shot. I’m building up a reputation now. I think I’m the new Body Snatcher! Call me the Body Snatcher. Midnight Train 2.0.”

Riakporhe added he would get back to the gym on Monday, having barely broke a sweat, and is aiming for a September or October return.

“We’re taking over. All of these champions are running scared. I’m coming for all the smoke.

“I want to fight all the champions, every single one of them, I’ll knock all of them out.”