Ahead of his first bout in just under two years on Saturday’s Eubank-Muratov bill in Wembley, Richard Riakporhe says a clash with WBO cruiserweight champion ‘could be around the corner’.

Former British 200lbs champion Riakporhe faces Poland’s Krzysztof Twardowski this weekend, and says he hopes to be competing with the likes of Okolie before too long.

“When I came to this game, I didn’t come here to make up the numbers,” Riakporhe told Sky Sports. “I came here to prove myself and to test myself. I want to test myself against the very best.

“I think it would be an amazing fight [with Okolie]. Two big punchers, everyone is going to want to invest in that. Someone is going to get knocked out and it’s not going to be me. It’s all about the demand.

“A lot of fans are already calling for the fight. Everybody still wants to see that fight, even though they haven’t seen me for a while. It could literally be around the corner.”